Something Beautiful chords with lyrics by Kiros - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kiros – Something Beautiful chords

Order: Verse1, Chorus, Verse2, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus

Intro: Bm G Bm G

Bm GWell there you are ,Against the grain
Bm AA living truth forever untamed
Bm GAnd here I am, A picture of regret
Em GAnything but innocent
AHelp me see
DThere is beautiful in broken things
GHope that soars on fractured wings
BmDesign in all the chaos
AAnd found among the lost
DAnd I can't forget the moment when
GDespite all that I had within
Bm A GYou saw something Beautiful in me
Bm A DYou saw something beautiful in me
Instrumental: D G Bm A G Verse 2
Bm GThere you are, Above it all
Bm AWith arms that reach further than my fall
Bm GHere I am , Trying to see
Em GMyself the same way you see me
AStill I believe
GWhen the darkness met the dawn
AI was barely hanging on
Bm C Still you were hanging on to me
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