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Kit Chan – Home chords

			     Home - Kit Chan

Kit Chan: http://www.kitchan.com/

Couldn't find any chords for this song online, so I tried to put together something. 
Hope you like it :) This is the National Day song for Singapore.

Tabbed by: Gabriel Fu

Tuning: Standard

AWhenever I am feeling low
F#mI look around me and I know
D AThere's a place that will stay within me
EWherever I may choose to go
A F#mI will always recall the city
D EKnow every street and shore
F#m ASail down the river which brings us life
Bm EWinding through my Singapore
A EThis is Home, truly
D AWhere I know I must be
F#m AWhere my dreams wait for me
Bm EWhere that river always flows
A EThis is home, surely
D AAs my senses tell me
F#m C#m DThis is where I won't be alone
E AFor this is where I know it's home
- End of Chorus -
AWhen there are troubles to go through
F#mWe'll find a way to start anew
D AThere is comfort in the knowledge
EThat home's about its people too
A F#mSo we'll build our dreams together
D EJust like we've done before
F#m AJust like the river which brings us life
Bm EThere'll always be Singapore
Chorus Repeat x2
E AFor this is where I know it's home
E AFor this is where I know I'm home
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