Kix – Dont Close Your Eyes tab

Tabbed by Jabbs

(Keys and bass only)

1st Verse:
(Keys and bass only)

Whatcha doing out in the night time
Why'd ya' call me on the phone
Your mama can't solve your problems
When's daddy ever gonna get home
So you did your little move and cried
In the middle of a suicide

1st Chorus

Dont close your eyes            Dont close your eyes 
Bb                  Bb \\ A  Gm                     

  Don't sing your last lullaby
Eb      C       D              Eb     Ebsus\Ebsus

There's no one there to hold you
Gm               A\Bb  Dsus

No one hears your scream
Gm               A\Bb  Dsus

You live life up and down

your nightmares are your dreams

I know it's lonely when your hanging 'round
C                          D

Don't ya' take it lying down - no, no
C                          D

Hold on - Hold on tight
Gm       Eb       F

I'll make everything all right
Gm       Eb       F

Wake up - Don't go to sleep
Gm       Eb       F

I pray the lord your soul to keep
C         D             Eb        Ebsus

----lead/solo ~ . .E:-----------------------------------------------6---8---6-8--10-8-8-6-6-5/6\5~~--|B:-----------------------------------------------6---8---6-8--10-8-8-6-6-5/6\5~~--|G:--0-h-2-3/4--3--2-h-3~~~~~~~0-h-2--3/4--3--5/7----------------------------------|D:--0-h-2-3/4--3--2-h-3~~~~~~~0-h-2--3/4--3--5/7----------------------------------|A:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
hp hp hp hp p E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:--------11-13--b--15--15--r--13-11-13-11-10-11-10---------------------<5>~~-----|G:--10-12-------------------------------------------12-7\-7876765654540-<5>~~-----|D:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
------Chorus repeat chorus b = bend / = slide r = release ~ = vibrato . = staccato h = hammer on p = pulloff <> = natural harmonic
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