Kjwan – Lifeline tab

Title      :	Lifeline
Artist     :	Kjwan
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Intro: Am-C/B-C

Verse Chords: Am-G-C-Am-G-F

I hardly ever noticed, I'm lost in love again
But you could always see me, and read me..yeah
Trying to find an answer, Waiting for a sign
While you've been standing there

Pre-Chorus: C-F
Chorus: Am-B-C-C

Close your eyes, Hold tight
Things are gonna e alright, Let it go
Let it flow, When you walk then you will know
You'll always have his truth, It's rigt inside of you
Break out, break out

Verse 2: Am-G-C, Am-G-F

Smashed against the pavement, Plastered on the walls
Hoping that you'll find me and save me again
Trying to grab a lifeline, waiting for your call
You were always there

Bridge: G-F Am-G (5x)


Outro- C-F-Am-F

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