Klaus – I Give You Glory chords

I didn't really do anything to this song, someone else tabbed it by ear and I just 
to jam it with them at church.

I figure since I can't find any tab for this song in the internet that maybe others like 
who hope to find a tab for the song they are looking for but can't find it because 
was none - would find this useful.

I just wanna share what I've learned and hope those who view this will enjoy and learn 
from it too, as I have.
Btw, you don't have to play in this particular sequence. You can always play around the 
if you like!
Here it is:
"I Give You Glory" by Klaus Kuehn.
Standard Tuning
Intro: C - G - Am7 - F2

Verse 1:
C GOh how beautiful, are you Lord.
Am7 FIt is Your words, it is Your love.
C GOh how glorious, are you Lord.
Am7 FIt is Your power, it was Your cross.
C GThat saved me, and rescued me,
Am7 FJust a moment there.. set me free!!
CI give You glory, glory
GI give You glory, glory
Am FI give You glory, glory, Jesus!
F GWith a crown of thorns,
Am7 CYou became my King forever.
F G(And) with a crown of thorns,
Am7 CYou became my King forever...
C GThat saved me, You rescued me.
Am7 FJust a moment there - set me free!!
CTe doy gloria, gloria,
GTe doy gloria, gloria,
Am7Te doy gloria, gloria,
FA ti Jesus
Instrumental: Am7 - F - Am7 - F----------------------------------
Hopefully you enjoyed it, and had fun playing as much as I had! Give God the glory, :) - Aprielle Uy
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