Kmfdm – Brute tab

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Album:NIHIL the 9th song
        Eventhough this song is really easy, it still
   kicks ass, so here you go. If there are any mistakes,
   email me please.
Kevin Krause

Chorus After Chorus 8xe:-----------------------------------------------|---------------|B:-----------------------------------------------|---------------|G:-----------------------------------------------|------6h7---6--|D:-----0-----------3---0---3---------------6---5-|------7-----7--|A:-----0-----------3---0---3---------------6---5-|--0------------|D:-----0---0---0---3---0---3---0---2---0---6---5-|---------------|
After Chorus 8xe:---------------|B:---------------|G:------6h7---6--|D:------7-----7--|A:--0------------|D:---------------|
Between the liquor, the bed and the noise in my head Between your mind and my crime And me in the grime Between the gun, the lead and the lies that I said Through your sweet breath Comes the dawn of my death Pre-Chorus Touch me-Hate me Pre-Chorus Give yourself to me and break me Chorus Cut these eyes and I will see me Chorus Kiss these lying lips for me Chorus Stroke this skin and I will kneel Chorus BRUTALIZE ME I WILL HEAL After chorus Between the bullet and my lip And the lies you let slip Between the dirt of this soul And your heart that's a hole Between the place where you hit And this face where you spit Through you sweet breath Comes the dawn of my death
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