Kmfdm – Mercy tab

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Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 23:56:14 -0400
From: renihan 
Subject: k/kmfdm/

from the album with no name..

intro bass:
(in dropped d)

High part at 3:04e--------------B--------------G-10--9p7--3---D--------------A--------------E--------------
Soloish thing at 3:48e-------------------------B----------/15b-----------G---10~~------------------D-------------------------A-------------------------E-------------------------
bend the 15 a few times, play with it. That's the whole song. it's cool. LYRICS: I went thru too many people I went thru heaven and hell I went from Rome to Baghdad Too many stories to tell CHORUS: What do you mean by that? Mercy is all you get Do what you won't regret Freedom's your self-respect I lived through too many aeons I've risen up and I fell the fall I have been there and I have done that I've seen it all and all CHORUS My time is running like water Deeper I dive and deeper Last of nine lives of the cat I saved my soul for the Reaper CHORUS END if you think my tabbing skills are as good as moldy cheese, tell me: BY: ren
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