Knaan - Is Anybody Out There chords

First tab probably not good.

Chords(Intro/Chorus/Rap) - C F C G Am F C G

[Nelly Furtado]
C F I don't wanna be left
CIn this war tonight
GAm I alone in this fight?
AmIs anybody out there?
F CDon't wanna be left left in this world behind
GSay you'll run to my side
CSomething 'bout mary
Never won a pageant
FNever felt pretty
Never looked like cameron
CDiaz was her last name
Always been abandoned
GKeep your head up
Baby girl this is your anthem
AmThere goes hannah
Showin' off her banner
FRocking that crown
Make them boys go bananas
CWhen you're insecure about yourself
It's a fact
GYou can point a finger
But there's three pointing back
CI can see her crying out, yeah
FIs there anybody out there?
CShe's really counting on your love
GStill struggling uphill
But you act like you don't care
AmRight now she could really use a shoulder
FHanging onto the edge til it's over
CShe's crying for your love tonight
GLoneliest heart to survive, she said
Same for chorus and 2nd rapping verse. ^ Didn't do the bridge and stuff cause im too lazy ill do a next tab with the whole song soon!
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