Kolohe Kai - Cool Down chords version 1

Pweti easy song ae
The strum is jus the beat and yea you'll hear it if you listen.
First tab i submitted so don't judj

AbIts another fiery afternoon (so hot, so hot) hotter than the month of june
A#mSo we should go beach now (cool down) cool down where the waters right yeah
AbLets grab our boards and run run run run to the nearest shore
A#mSchool pau, lets go now and hele out the door yeah
AbThe wave is on fire the day is getting hot
A#mThis is my desire the one to hit the spot yayeye cool down x2
AbThe waters lookin nice and blue(so blue, so blue)bluer than the clearest sky
A#m A#mAnd the waves firein gettin higher and better even as we speak yeah
AbDon't you melt the sun sun sun sun hotter than ever before
A#mSo lets ride ride surf and ride some more yeah
Chorus: Dat should be it ae don't like the nx bit so i won't do it. After the stupid bit is the chorus again and yea. Churrr:P
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