Kopek – Sin City tab

Amazing song by an amazing band. I dont know the whole song so im posting what i do kno. 
very simple just repeats over and over. any suggestions on how to make it better email 
me @ hp-255@hotmail.com

part 1 Ame|----------------0---|B|-----------1------1-|G|-------2-----2------|D|---0h2---2----2-----|A|-0------------------|E|--------------------|
part 2Ame|---------------3h0-----|B|-----------1-------1---|G|-------2------2------2-|D|---0h2---2---2---------|A|-0---------------------|E|-----------------------|
part 3
Start struming an A minor chord while a second guitarist plays...e|-3h0-----|B|-----1---|G|-------2-|D|---------|A|---------|E|---------|
when distortion guitar comes in start playing the A minor chord with part 1 underneath.
part 3 Ame|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------| x3D|-2-0----------|A|-----3-2~~~-0-|E|--------------|
Hope u guys enjoy this. very simple lots of fun.
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