Kopek - Love Is Dead chords

Capo on 3rd

Em G Em D

Em GLove is dead dance is dead
Em DPop is dead grunge is dead
EmRhythm and blues is dead
GPunk rock music is dead
EmHeavy metal is dead
Em G D (low if barred)And rock and roll is dead
Em GHouse is dead ska is dead
Em Djazz is dead glam is dead
Emtin pan alley is dead
Gthat motown sound is dead
Emreggae music is dead
Em G D (low if barred)and rock and roll is dead
Em G D We didn't wanna lose you
Em G D to the barrel of a gun
Em G D Don't let the drugs confuse you
Em G D C Maybe love will overcome
D EmEveryone and push that feeling on
And that just repeats for the rest of the song like that. It's pretty simple. Chords are intended to be barred, but it sounds fine if you do the regular chords. During the verses, it's actually just a constant riff but yeah. Thanks for reading my chords and stuff. Hope it helped
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