Korpiklaani - Vodka chords

Title: Vodka
Artist: Korpiklaani
Tuning: Drop D (DADGBe)

Tabbed by: Moritz Fink

D5 (x4)VODKA
D5 F5 Bb5 G5 (x3) Verse:
D5Vodka! You're feeling stronger!
F5Vodka! No more feeling bad!
Bb5Vodka! You're eyes are shining!
G5Vodka! You are the real man!
D5Vodka! Washes away your tears.
F5Vodka! Removes your fears.
Bb5Vodka! The woman is gorgeous.
G5Yeah vodka!!
D5Drinking is good for you
F5Soon you are unconstrained
Bb5Drinking is good for you
G5Here comes the womanizer
D5Drinking is good for you
F5Not anymore lonesome
Bb5Drinking is good for you
G5And you will feel awesome!!
D5 F5 Bb5 G5 (x2)You're really feeling awesome !
Interlude I:|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|--5---5---5---5---||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|--5---5---5---5---||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|--5---5---5---5---|Pm. . . . . . . . . . . .Out of respect for nature, our vodka and drinkers.
|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|------------------||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|------------------||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|------------------|Pm. . . . . . . . . . . .Promising that the vodka will serve as pure as it was thousands of years ago.
|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|--5---5---5---5---||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|--5---5---5---5---||-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|-0-0-3/5-0-0-3/5--|--5---5---5---5---|Pm. . . . . . . . . . . .Out of respect for nature, our vodka and drinkers.
Verse Chorus (x2) Interlude II: D5 (let it ring) Palm muted: D5 F5 Bb5 G5 (x2) D5 F5 Bb5 G5 (x4) Verse Chorus
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