Korpiklaani - Wooden Pints tab version 1

			     Korpiklaani- Wooden Pints

Tabbed By euan_soad


E|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|-------------------------5----|D|-777-777-7777777-7777-55-3-77-| A|-555-555-5555555-5555-33---55-|E|------------------------------|
PM============================== CHORUS: (Easiest to hear when the bass plays it solo at 2:45)
Main Fiddle Riff (Played over Chorus):
Don't have the Fiddle solo worked out Order Intro (No guitar) Chorus (With Fiddle) x 4 Verse x 2 Chorus (With Fiddle) x 4 Verse x 2 Chorus (With Fiddle) x 4 Verse x 2 Chorus (With Fiddle) x 4 Verse Riff Under Fiddle Solo X 2 Chorus (Still Fiddle Solo) X 4 Bass Chorus (With Fiddle) X 4 Chorus (With Fiddle) to end, with slight variations in fiddle riff
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