Kottke Leo – Pamela Brown tab

G       /       C       /    G      /      /
I'm the guy who didn't marry pretty Pamela Brown
   C         G                 G                D
An educated, well intentioned, good girl in our town
G      /        C         /   G      /        /
Wonder where I'd be today if she had loved me too
  C         D               G
Probably be driving kids to school.


     C       /      D      /      G
   I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown
     C    /  G    /      G      D7      D
   All of my good times, all my roaming around
   C            D               G       C
   One of these days I might be in your town
         G              C      D      G
   And I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown

G         /        C       /      G            /     /
Seen the lights of citys and I've been through many doors
C       /       G             G                 D
Been to foreign countries and walked upon their shores
G         /       C               G
Seems the guy she married was the best part of my luck
    C                 D               G
She dug him `cause he drove a pick-up truck.   And ..





G               C                 G             G
I don't have to tell you just how beautiful she was
C             G              G              D
Everything it takes to get a guy like me in love
G                  C                G
Lord, I hope she's happy `cause she sure deserves to be
C              D               G              C
Especially for what she did to me.       And  ...

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