Kravitz Lenny – Believe tab

Main Riff

A Fe--0---0---0---0---0-0-0-|---------------------|---a--2---3---2---0---2-0-0-|--0----1---0h1p0-----|---g--2---2---2---2---2-0-0-|--2---------------2--|---d--------------------0-0-|--3------------------|---
Verse 1. A F I am you, and you are me A F Why's that such a mystery? E Bmadd4 Am G D Em If you want it you've got to believe A F Who are we? We're who we are, A F Riding on this great big star E Bmadd4 Am G D We've got to stand up if we're gona be free - Yeah Chorus A# F/A Gm If you want it, you got it F C/E Cm/D# You just got to believe, C F Believe in yourself A# F/A Gm 'Cause it's all just a game F C/E Cm/D# We just want to be loved Fill 1
Verse 2. The son of God is in our face Offering us eternal grace If you want it, you got to believe 'Cause being free is a state of mind We'll one day leave this all behind Just put your faith in god, and one day you'll see, yeah! Chorus Fill 1 Verse 3. The future's in our present hands Let's reach right in. Let's understand If you want it, you got to believe, yeah! Chorus Fill 1 Outro : (well some of it) Chords Am F G Em F Dm G Am F G Em F Dm G
Am F Ge---------------------------------|------------------------------|--b---------------------------------|------------------------------|--g---2h4p2p0-----------14p12----12-|--14------14-16-17---17Br--16-|--d----------------/14--------14----|-------14---------------------|--a---------------------------------|------------------------------|--e---------------------------------|------------------------------|--
Em F Dm Ge-------------------------------|------------------------|----------b-------------------15--15Br----|----------------15------|----------g--------14-16-17------------14-|-------14-16-17-----16--|----------d-------------------------------|---14-------------------|----------a-------------------------------|------------------------|----------e-------------------------------|------------------------|----------
B = Full bend r = Release h = Hammer on P = Pull off
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