Kravitz Lenny – Just Be A Woman tab

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Title: Just be a woman
Artist: Lenny Kravitz
Album: Are you gonna go my way?

Instrument: 6 String Guitar

Tabbed by: Domenico Lovascio (

Tuning: 1/2 Step Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

--I dedicate this song to all the women in the world (just be yourself)--


The song is based on the following chords:

Asus2 A+sus2 A6sus2 A7add2 D Dm7 EEb|--0--------1--------2--------3--------2--------5--------0----------||Bb|--0--------0--------0--------0--------3--------6--------0----------||Gb|--2--------2--------2--------2--------2--------5--------1----------||Db|--2-----------------------------------0--------0--------2----------||Ab|--0-----------------------------------------------------2----------||Eb|--------------------------------------------------------0----------||
Intro: Asus2 - A+sus2 - A6sus2 - A+sus2 Asus2 You ask me A+sus2 How should I be to you ? A6sus2 You ask me A+sus2 To tell you what to do Asus2 You ask me A+sus2 How can I make it through ? A+sus2 You want me A7add2 But don't know what to do D Dm7 And I just want you to Asus2 E Be true Asus2 A+sus2 Just be a woman Asus2 E Just be a woman Asus2 You ask me A+sus2 How can I make you smile ? A6sus2 You ask me A+sus2 How can I make it right ? Asus2 But darling A+sus2 Just take a look inside A+sus2 A7add2 The answers are within your own mind D Dm7 Asus2 E And I just want you to be you Asus2 Just be a woman A+sus2 That's all you got to do Asus2 E Just be a woman SOLO (Chords indicated above solo tablature)
Asus2 A+sus2 A6sus2 A+sus2 Eb|-------------|-------------------|----------------|----------------||Bb|-5~~~---5-5p6|-6~--10-12-10-12s14|-9-9~---5-7-7b8~|-7b8r7p5--------||Gb|-------------|-------------------|----------------|---------7~-7/9-||Db|-------------|-------------------|----------------|----------------||Ab|-------------|-------------------|----------------|----------------||Eb|-------------|-------------------|----------------|----------------||
Asus2 A+sus2 A6sus2 A7add2Eb|----------|------------------|--------5/7-5~|--------------5-------||Bb|----------|---------------10~|9~----5-------|----------5/7---5/7---||Gb|-6~~~-----|-6-7-7/9~--7~-----|--------------|--------------------7~||Db|----------|------------------|--------------|----------------------||Ab|----------|------------------|--------------|----------------------||Eb|----------|------------------|--------------|----------------------||
D Dm7 Asus2 EEb|----5-7-7h8-|--7-5------5/7\5~|~~-----------|----------------------||Bb|------------|------6~---------|--------5/7\5|~~~-------------------||Gb|~~----------|-----------------|-------------|----------------------||Db|------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------------||Ab|------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------------||Eb|------------|-----------------|-------------|----------------------||
Just be a woman A+sus2 That's all you got to do Asus2 Just be a woman A+sus2 That's all you got to do Asus2 Just be a woman A+sus2 That's all I got to say Asus2 Just be a woman. | b bending | r release | ^ thrill | t Tapping | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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