Circus tab with lyrics by Kravitz Lenny - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kravitz Lenny – Circus tab

			     Circus - The Features
The Features are from Tennesee, they are not very big in the UK yet, they're album is
due out on April 18th European. They have done fairly well in America and are on their
way across Eurpope right now.

Tabbed by: Gladman

Tuning: normal

	D A D  G A# A (4 times)
	D A# A (This is done fingerpicking)
	F A D A# (twice then;)
				F A# A G (4 times then finish on A)

Same as Intro
	D A D  G A# A (2 times)
	D A# A (fingerpicking at first followed by bits of distortion)
	F A D A# (twice then;)
				F A# A G (only 3 times then finish on A)
A lot of crazy stuff goes on here but the bass plays the Verse line
twice then the chorus line twice.
The solo is played over the chorus Bass line and goes like so.

Chorus F A D A# (twice then;) F A# A G (4 times then A, then finish on D) ===============================================================================
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