Kris Allen – Hit Me Baby One More Time chords

This song was played by Kris Allen and the band as a "surprise cover" at the dolphins 
The B minor in the verse and pre-chorus is played openly.

BmOh Baby baby
F7 DHow was I supposed to know
E F7That something wasn't right here
BmOh Baby baby
F7 DI shouldn't have let you go
E F7And now you're out of sight here
correct me if I'm wrong. I would also like to know how to write the chords in the sheet. >
BmShow me
F7How you want it to be
DTell me baby
ECause I need to know now
F7Oh because
5 fret>
Bm F7My loneliness is killing me
D E F7I must confess I still believe (Still believe)
Bm F7When I'm not with you I lose my mind
DGimme a sign
E F7Hit me baby one more time
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