Kris Kristofferson - Why Me Lord chords

verse 1:

GWhy me lord?
G7 CWhat have I ever done,
Gto deserve even one,
D7of the pleasure I've known?
GTell me lord,
G7 Cwhat did I ever do,
Gthat was worth loving you,
D7 GOr the kindness you've shown?
CLord help me Jesus,
G D7I've wasted it so help me Jesus,
G G7I know what I am.
C But now that I know,
G D7that I needed you so help me Jesus,
G D7my souls in your hand.
verse 2:
GTry me lord,
G7 CIf you think there's a way,
G I can try to re pay,
D7all I've taken from you.
GMaybe Lord,
G7 CI can show someone else,
Gwhat I've been through my self,
D7 G G7on my way back to you.
chorus (x2)
D7 C Bm Am GJesus, my soul's in your hands._______
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