Kris Kristofferson – Jesus Was A Capricorn tab

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************** JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN *************

written and performed by Kris Kristofferson

Version of his live at the Philarmonic in 1972.Except the introduction there's
 not a lot of difference with the album version.

Capo on the second fret


e -------0---0----------------| B -------0---0----------------| G -------1--------------------| D ----------------------------| A ---2-----------2h3h4---2----| E ---0------------------------|
Verse 1: E Jesus was a Capricorn A E He ate organic foods He believed in love and peace F# B And never want no shoes Verse 2: E Long hair beard and sandles A E And a funky bunch of friends Recon ages made him up B E If he come down again Chorus: A E 'Cause everybody's got to have somebody to look down on B A E Who to came feel better than anytime be pleased A E Someone doin' somethin' dirty decent folks can frown on B A E You can find nobody else and help yourself to me Verse 3: E Egg Head's causen Red neck's cousin A E Hippies fall their hair Others laugh at straights who laugh at F# B Freaks who laugh at squares Verse 4: E Some folks hate the Whites A E Who hate the Blacks who hate the Clams Most of us hate anything that B E We don't understand Chorus Chords: |||x|| |||||| |||||| |||||| |xx||| ||xxx| xxxxxx xxxxxx |||||| |||||| |||x|| |||||| |||||| |||||| |xx||| ||xxx| E A F# B Perret Charles.
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