Kristian Stanfill – Its A New Day Let It Shine chords

Key of G

Verse 1:
Em7 Dsus C It's a new day,
Em7 Dsus C Everything changed
Em7 Dsus C G When Your love came into the darkness
Dsus Em7 C G You sent the light of the Son,
Dsus C G DsusYou sent the light of the Son.
GWake up, open your eyes
No longer dead, we are alive
*( G/C G/BRise up, children of light
G/C G/B G/A G)*Open the doors, go let it shine
C G C GWoah----------------------.
Verse 2:
Em7 Dsus C There is freedom
Em7 Dsus C In Your kingdom
Em7 Dsus C For You, Jesus
GWe will be dancing
Dsus Em7 C GForever Your joy is our song
Dsus Em7 C G DForever Your joy is our song.
Dsus4 CSong for the broken, let it shine
Dsus4 CInto the shadows, let it shine
Dsus4 C GHope for the whole world, let it shine, let it shine.
*chords not played the first time
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