Ks Choice - Losing You chords

My first tab on here, so be kind!  I couldn't find this anywhere on the web, so I 
think it's the first version... so please feel free to improve!
Cheers, Jed.

Bm Asus E5 G Asus x2

Bm AsusWelcome the rainbow, fading to gray
E5 G AsusSpinning around us, making (me say) mistakes

I'm looking for something like most of us do 
I'm looking at god but he's looking at you
 He looks for a driver to take him back home
 To get it together by being alone 
I'm sure he's a writer, he wrote me just now 
The letter is empty like I'm living now

Bm A G A F#
But that feels good to do
G A G F# Bsus4 BCompared to losing you

(Chords as first verse)
 Do I need a baby to smother the pain
 To stop all (I) live through from being in vain
 Vanity fills me, vanity's nice
 But somehow it kills you by hitting you twice 
So take it all brother, take it from me
 All but my lover 'cause she is in me 
So many lovers don't look but they find
 We're lovers too but I'm losing my mind

Bm A G F#
But that feels good to do
G A G F# B5 C#
Compared to losing you

Can I be a memory
DM7 Bm GCan I be a part of your ways
BmCan I be the moonlight
DM7 EThat shines on your beautiful face
GYou can make me glow
F#I don't think you know...

(SOLO) Bm Asus E5 G Asus 

| I keep on singing a song is a dove
| It lives in a desert to celebrate love

Bm Asus E5 G AsusMay be tomorrow, may be tonight

You will look up and you'll know I'm all right 
But me I'll be searching
Looking for truth 
Finding a gimpse in a picture of you 
I will be ready, ready to ride 
Ready to roam as I'm burning inside

Bm A G A F#
But that feels good to do
G A G F# Bsus4 B 
Compared to losing you
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