Ks Choice - Not An Addict chords version 1

A C#m BMm-mm Mm-mmm Mm-mmm x2
A C#mBreathe it in, and breathe it out
B Pass it on, it's almost out
(chords are same for all verses) CHORUS:
E F# AIt's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive...
E F# AIf you don't have it you're on the other side
E F# AI'm not an addict, maybe that's a lie...
E D Free me, see me
BWatch me as I'm falling down
E D Free me, see me
B DWatch me as I'm falling and I'm falling
E (sustained)I'm not an addict, it is cool..I feel alive x2
E F# AI'm not an addict--
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