Kt Tunstall – If Only tab

Song: If Only
Album: Drastic Fantastic
Artist: Kt Tunstall
Acoustic part
Tuning: Standard
By kttunstallator3

-This is based on a BBC Collection studios version vid that I saw on you tube-all the
except that the only ones in the room are Kt and her 2 backup singers. No change, really.
just watched it to focus 1 on 1 and find the tabs for acoustic. One of the backup 
think Kat-is playing the xylophone in place of the electric guitar bit in the
and Kt is playing acoustic guitar. Enjoy her acoustic awesomeness! J


E A Asus E G Fmaj7?E--0---0---0------------0---3---0---0--|B--0---0---0---2----3---0---3---0---1--|G--1---3---4---2----2---1---0---3---2--|D--2---0---0---2----2---2---0---4---3--|A--2---2---2---0----0---2---x---4---0--|E--0---0---0---x----x---0---3---2---x--|
Verse 1: (I like to put a little spin on it…if you hear in the track, there is a sort of note in there at the end of “been…” as well as the endings.)
E Am CE--0------------------0-----------0-----------0--5--3-|B--0------------------1-----------1-----------3--3--0-|G--1------------------2-----------0-----------0--0--0-|D--2------------------2-----------2-----------4--4--4-|A--2------------------0-----------3-----------5--5--5-|E--0------------------x-----------x-----------x--x--x-| WalkinÂ’ around in a daze after days now itÂ’s been TalkinÂ’ it up as amazing amazed that IÂ’m in LookinÂ’ at the stars for the answers but all that IÂ’ve found
E----0----------3-------0----0--|B----0----------3-------0----1--|G----1----------0-------3----2--|D----2----------0-------4----3--|A----2----------x-------4----0--|E----0----------3-------2----x--|Was silence and dirty ground
E--0-------------------0------------0--|B--9-------------------9------------9--|G--9-------------------9------------9--|D--9-------------------9------------9--|A--7-------------------x------------0--|E--0-------------------9------------7--|If only you can see me now if oh-oh-ohOnly you can hear me out if oh-oh-oh
E--0-----------0---------0--|B--5-----------7---------9--|G--6-----------8---------9--|D--7-----------9---------9--|A--7-----------9---------7--|E--x-----------x---------0--|If only it was only me now
Verse 2: Listen just a little bit harder for I tell the truth If it isnÂ’t just a piston in an engine to keep you movinÂ’ YouÂ’re looking like youÂ’re looking for something but all that you found Was silence and dirty ground Chorus YouÂ’re surrounded by silenceÂ…(like the intro)
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