Kt Tunstall – Fall tab

Katie Tunstall
Tracks In July (2000)

Intro: G Dsus4 Em7 Cadd9 G Bm (x2) (x2) (x2) (x2) (x2)[After repeat][During chorus]E|-----3---------3--------3---------3----2h3-|-----------|-------2-----|B|----3-0-------3-3------3-3-------3-3-------|-----------|------3-3----|G|---0---0-----2---2----0---0-----0---0------|-----------|-----4---4---|D|------------0--------2---------------------|-----------|----4-----4--|A|------------------------------3------------|-----------|-------------|E|-3-----------------------------------------|---2-3-----|-------------|
Verse 1: G How many times Dsus4 How many faces Em7 How many years Cadd9 bass hammer on How many places G Dsus4 Em7 And I know the faces that I have seen Cadd9 G Recognize the places where I have been G Dsus4 Em7 Cadd9 G If I try G Dsus4 Em7 Cadd9 G If I try Intro-Chorus: G Dsus4 Do you have me Bm In your memory Cadd9 G Have I daunted your soul Could you mold my face from cold clay In the darkness or would you fall Or would you fall Verse 2: How many lives Below my window Run around my head And beneath my pillow And I know the faces inside of my head Haven’t got a place to go instead If it try If they try Tell me would you fall Would you fall Tell me would you fall
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