Kt Tunstall – Invisible Empire chords

Watch video on youtube or listen to song for pattern but chords seem to be as 
follows, please correct me if im wrong, couldnt find this anywhere so thought id 
have a dig. dont think ive got the timings right on here for the chords so again 
just try listen for the changes will update i i work it out. 
C GI thought the candle was gonna go out;
Am F The wind was blowing and the door was open,
C G Am F But the candle never went out, never went out.
C G Am F The wave found it's way to the shore, I thought it was a ripple and nothing
C G Am F But the wave found it's way all the way to the shore
G Am F C G Am F G Oh, I wanna burn this house. I know, I wanna jump into the fire;
G Am F C G Am F C Oh, I’ve got to tear them down; the pinnacles of my invisible empire.
I know the gamble never works twice, All the distractions at the table and the weighted dice But the thrill of it feels so nice, you’d do it all again But I look to the chips and lose, I’m standing on the platform with my neck in the noose And I know it’s not my time, not my time. Oh, I wanna burn this house. I know, I wanna jump into the fire; Oh, I want to tear them down; the pinnacle of my invisible empire. And if I do all the things I do, well I tell myself that I’m staying true I’ll never stop, you know I’ll never stop, no I’ll never think about it Put an end to all this time, that I would spend with it on my mind I never stopped, you know I never stop, you know I always wondered about It; I wondered about the wonder. Oh, I wear a rusting crown; I know this dynasty is falling. The crowd shouts for another round; I see the ruin, The spectacular, diamonds buried, icebergs, the minarets, and market-places And signal fires of my invisible empire. Oh, how long? Oh, how long? Oh, how long?
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