Kula Shaker – Moonshine tab

Riff: B7e-|------------|B-|--------0---|G-|------2-----|D-|----1-------|A-|--2---------|E-|------------|
Verse 1: Em B7 Em Long, lonely moonshine B7 Em B7 Em [Riff] Cast your gaze upon the ground Em B7 Em So lost in my mind B7 Em B7 Em [Riff] Lost in blue light all around Chorus: C B7 Em B7 Em B7 And I feel so unsure on the way C B7 Em B7 Em You and me at the end of the day. G E And my love G E It feels like you have flowered. C Am B7 Em B7 Em [riff] And now I know I'll never be the same. Verse 2 [same chords as 1]: Long, golden moonlight, Makes me feel like I belong Lost in the evening, In this feeling nothing is wrong Chorus * Well now I know I'll never be the same [Fill in around verse chords] Chorus And now I know I'll never be the [x2] same_____. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the section marked *: I think you have to fit the chords of the last line of the chorus around this bit - I'm not sure as this wasn't clear. from Caroline
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