Kula Shaker – Im Still Here tab


Bbm7   - 686666
G#     - 466544
BbSus4 - 668866

Intro -

Strum BbSus4 Chord once note by note twice i.e.

E-|------------6------------------| B-|----------6-----------6--------| (x2) G-|--------8-----------8---8------| D-|------8-----------8-------8----| A-|----6-----------6--------------| E-|--6----------------------------|
BbSus4 I was sure I heard you singing While my head was broken up While my world in flames Was rearranged Bbm7 Bbsus4 I'm still here G# Bbsus4 In a blazing forest fire in a web of my own desires G# Bbm7 Bbsus4 In a place that we are destined to return Bbm7 Bbsus4 On an ocean I can't fathom In a truth I can't unravel Bbm7 Bbsus4 Oh..I'm still here (x2) Can also be played with a capo on the first fret, you can get away with simple Dsus2, C and G chords (open).
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