Kula Shaker – Ophelia tab

*Kula Shaker - Ophelia *
Two Guitars : Guitar I standard tuning
              Guitar II capo 9
Both guitars play the same chords, guitar II with picking.

These are corresponding positions for capo 9 :

Guitar I :   Bm  Em7  Bm  (C#)  D  A  Em7  G  Bm
Guitar II :  Dm  G7   Dm  (E)   F  C  G7  Bb Dm

Intro :-------Guitar II picking Dm G7 Dm (E)F C G7 Bb Dm|-----1---------1-------1-------1-||---------3-----------3-----3-----||-----2-------2-------2-------2---| x4|-0---------------0---------------||---------0---------------0-------||---------------------------------|
Guitar I Bm E7 Bm (C#)D A Em7 G Bm|-----2--------2--------2--------2-||-----3--------3--------3--------3-||-----4--------4--------4--------4-||----------------------------------||-2-----------------2--------------||----------2-----------------2-----|
Verse 1 : --------- Bm Oh my child, how I need you Precious heart, young Ophelia Em7 Willow veil'd, silken sail'd Bm Floating through my dreams (C#) D A Em7 G You were tired of this shadow life Bm Of fears that holds us tight (C#) D A Em7 G I will lie beside the river now Bm For ever and a night For ever and a night Verse 2 :(bass and drums enter) --------- Bm Doubt the stars are on fire Doubt Truth to be a liar Em7 But never doubt I love you Bm 'Till the day I die (C#)D A Em7 G Like a breeze upon a summer's eve Bm You blew into my mind (C#) D A Em7 G I will wait upon your precious heart Bm Until the day I die D A Em7 G Bm My Ophe-elia-a-----a My Ophelia
Harmonica arr. for guitar : Bm E7e|-10----10-10-||-10----10-10-|-10----10-10-|-10----10-10-|-14-12-10-10-||B|-12----12-10-||-12----12-10-|-12----12-10-|-12----12-10-|-12-12-12-14-||G|-11----11-11-||-11----11-11-|-11----11-11-|-11----11-11-|-11-11-11-11-||D|-------------||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------||A|-------------||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------||E|-------------||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------||
D A Em7 G Bm My Ophelia-a------a My Ophelia My Ophelia Outro : ------- Bm Bm*
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