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                         Word of God Speak

Guitar2: C2 Fe--12~~~~~12\10----------|B----------------10~~~~--|
Intro: C2 F - C2 F Verse: C2 I'm finding myself at aloss for words F And the funny thing is it's ok C2 The last thing I need is to be heard F But to hear what you would say Chorus: C2 Word of God speak G Would you pour down like rain A Bb Washing my eyes to see F Your majesty C2 To be still and know G That you're in this place A Bb Please let me stay and rest F In your holiness C2 F C2 F Word of God speak Verse 2: C2 I'm finding myself in the midst of you F Beyond the music, beyond the noise C2 All that I need is to be with you F And in the quiet hear your voice (CHORUS 2X) then (FADE)
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