Kutless - Redeemer chords


Intro:  G  D   Em  C  D

Em C G DOh Lord, You're beautiful
Em C G DYour face is all I seek
Em Bm Em Bm GAnd when Your eyes are on this child
C D GYour grace abounds to me
G C GThere is a redeemer
D C G DJesus God's own Son
G C GPrecious Lamb of God, Messiah,
C D GHoly One
G C GThank you Oh my Father
C D G DFor giving us your Son
G C Gand leaving your spirit till
C D GThe work on earth is done
G Em D G x2Halleluuuuuujah
G Em D CHalleluuuuuujah
C Em D G G C G Halleluuuuujah, Hallelujah
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