Kutless - Hero chords version 2

Intro: Am7 C Fsus2 Am7 C Fsus2 
                       Verse 1 
Am7 C Fsus2Who ever told you you cant win
Am7 C Fsus2 Who ever said that if you fail dont try again
Am7 C Fsus2 Its in the ordinary, Deep in the weak and weary
Am7 C Fsus2 Gsus The power to overcome the fear youre holding in
C GsusYou could be a Hero
Am7 Fsus2You could be the change in this world
C GsusRise above the Normal
Am7 Fsus2Donít have to be afraid anymore
C GsusWe are the light we are the hope
Am7 Fsus2We are the love inside worth fighting for
C Gsus Am7 Fsus2 Am7 C Fsus2 F7 GsusYou could be, you could be, you could be a hero
Verse 2
Am7 C Fsus2You dont have to look that hard to see
You dont have to reach that far to find someone in need There is a desperation deep in this generation Looking for something new a love they can believe Bridge
Dm C/E F Love will even cross the ocean wide
Love will lose it all to save a life
Am G FBecause of the love God gave youll find
C CsusThat you could be a hero
C Gsus Am7 Fsus2You could be a hero
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