Kyla La Grange – Make Me Pay chords

C      Em      C      Em
C      Em      C      Em

C EmYou’ll find me in the lake
CWith the death I tried to fake
EmMy hands already blue
CHolding photographs of you
EmAnd you’ll ask me what it is
CWhy I want to feel like this
EmAnd I’ll turn towards the sky
CAnd I’ll sink before your eyes
GBut if I was to ask
Em DMy little love, my little one
C EmCould you break my heart
G DCould you have tried, could you have done?
C Em To make me pay, make me pay,
C Em B EmMake me pay
C D C DTo make me pay, for what I don’t do
C D C G DMake me pay, for how I loved you
C Em C EmMake me pay, make me pay, make me pay.
C EmYou’ll find me in the woods
CWhere the dead do what they should
EmMy arms already old
CMy eyes forever cold
EmAnd they’ll say I never left
CThat I called them as they slept
EmThat I haunted every tree
CTil the forest sang with me
GBut if it all was true
Em D CThat I went mad, because of you
EmThen finally you’d know
G DAnd you could come and take me home
C Em Take me home, take me home,
C Em B EmTake me home
C D C DTake me home, and help me love you
C D C G DTake me home, to where my heart moves
C Em C EmTake me home, take me home, take me home
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