Karen Kilgariff – Password chords

GI forgot my password again
DI have no idea what it could have been
C GTried old dog's name, my birth date, I tried 12345678
GBut I guessed it slipped my mind
DCause those little blue words came up every time
CDid you forget
CDid you forget
GI gave up and I clicked yes
C GWhy do i pretend
C GWhatever I come up with I will just forget again
C GWhy dont I break down and use your name
D CIt's the only thing that's in my brain that never seems to go away
[Interlude] G [Verse]
GI think I lost my phone again
DOh holy shit it's in my hand
CSomethings really wrong with me
DI'm not the man I used to be
GI can barely text my friends
DAnd when I do I don't hit send
CSomethings really wrong with me
DI said that already
C GWhen does this part end?
C GAnd when I do go back to being smart again.
C GWill it just get worse each day
D CIs that the only way my brain will ever let you go away?
[Outro] G
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