Kd Lang – Till The Heart Caves In chords

D G DStood together in an open field
G EmAnd share the secrets of the night reveal
AThen we chase the light
G DRacing through the sky
D G DCan we untangle guilt and innocence
G EmHow hard we torture this ambivalence
ANight will bring no dawn
G DWhere's the power gone
D GmFor I'll steal your dreams while you are sleeping
D A7And sell them for dust and cheap lust
D GmAnd I'll turn your hope while you are weeping
D A7 DAnd cover your eyes with sad lies and dark skies
Bm G Bm GCome closer to me on your hands and knees
D AAlone when your will's gone
D G DHow much is not enough how much is through
G EmHow long will I be getting over you
AHow much grief and sin
G DTill the heart caves in
G DTill the heart caves in
Em G DTill the heart caves in
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