keepitinside – Sway chords

C  Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 G

[Verse 1]
C Cmaj7 Am7With those eyes you could stop my heart
Dm7 GParalyze all my moving parts
C Am Am7But behind all this masquerade
Dm GYou will find a boy who's just being afraid
Dm GOf loving you
Dm Dm7 GOf loving you
C Am7So dance with me
Am7 Dm7Sway with me
Dm7Stay with me
GLay with me
CLead the way
Am7Set the pace
Dm7I'll forget I'm afraid
GI'll forget I'm afraid
[Verse 2]
Cmaj7 C Am7With those lips you could waltz away
Dm7 GEvery inch of me that's been left in pain
CIf our live were to intertwine
Am7Then I'd tell you up front
DmThat I'm just a scar in disguise
GI hope I would be toe to toe
CSo dance with me (I don't mind)
Am7 Am7Sway with me (Side to side)
Dm7Stay with me (Take your time)
G7Lay with me (Take all of mine)
CLead the way (I don't mind)
Am7 Am7Set the pace (Side to side)
Dm7 DmI'll forget I'm afraid (Take your time)
G7 G7 G CI'll forget I'm afraid (Take all of mine)
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