Why Dont You Stay chords with lyrics by Kenneth John Grand - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kenneth John Grand – Why Dont You Stay chords



[Verse 1]

Why don’t you stay?
AmThere’s no need to leave
DmIt’s warm here with me.
GCan you just try to believe?
F FmLife can be muddy and messy,
C E7 Amit can wash you away.
F G C GIt’s safe here with me, so why don’t you stay?
[Verse 2]
CGet back into bed.
AmI’ll sing you a song.
DmOr read you a book.
GCan you just play along?
F FmThey’ll be time for decisions and distractions.
C E7 AmMaybe even time to play.
F G C GBut tonight just relax, I want you to stay.
[Verse 3]
CYou’re always so busy.
AmNo time to unwind.
DmYou run from the devil.
GBut life can also be kind.
F FmThe earth won’t stop burning or turning.
C E7 AmIf you rest for one day.
F G C GSo lie here with me, please won’t you stay?
[Verse 4]
CWhy don’t you stay?
AmThere’s no need to go.
DmThere’s always tomorrow.
GAnd the next day you know.
F FmCan we just drink a beer and cheer.
C E7 AmEvery single yesterday.
F G C GLets talk in the morning. Why don’t you stay?
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