Kenny Calloway – City Of Refuge chords


Dm Csus2 A#sus2 
F/C A#sus2 Gm7  A#/C

[Verse 1]

FThere’s a story in the Bible
Csus4 F A# about a city God had prepared
F Csus4 CThat a man can run to
Fwhen he found himself in trouble
Dma time of great despair
G7 C7fleeing from the One who saught his life
Fand there outside that city
F/C F He cried unto the Keeper
A# F F7 and asked if he could enter in
A# Gmfor there he would find safety
F Dm7Yes God had made provision
Gm7 C Fa City of Refuge for him
[Interlude] D7 (2x) [Verse 2]
GCondemned from the fall of man
G/D CI was bound in sin
Gwith a debt to be paid
But God cared for me
Em7and on mount Calvary
A7 D7 the foundation was laid
D7/F# GAnd on the cross Christ stretched out his hand
Cthat mighty gulf He spanned
Gand bought my liberty
C GNow I can run to God’s only Son
D7 GHe is the City of Refuge for me
C B AmAnd one day I ran to that City of Refuge
Gthough guilty I was,
Dsus4 DI found shelter in the blood He shed for me
[Chorus 2]
G C B AmI was condemned but God showed mercy
G Am D G D and on Calvary, God built a city of refuge for me.
[2x] [Ending] Gsus4 G
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