Kevin Morby – Aboard My Train chords

[Verse 1]
E A EI once loved a boy so smart and true
E A EWe would walk home every day from the school
A EHe'd say, I think we could walk forever, Oh no
A EHow ’bout just a little while, O.K.
A EHe would make me laugh like the devil, Haha
A BHe would pick me up like the child that I was
[Verse 2]
E A EIn my time I'd like to stay young forever
E A ELike a tide, the crest beneath sunny weather
A EMay we fill these lungs with laughter (haha)
A EAnd may we shake these bones with style (watch me now)
A EAnd may we claim all that we're after (everything)
A EAnd may we do it wearing a smile
B A E A EAnd may the breath we breathe be free
B A E A EAnd for you to remain a part of me
Three, four [Instrumental] E A E A E X3 B7 [Verse 3]
E A EI have loved many faces, many places
E A EAll aboard my train but depart at different stations
A EAnd some of them look the same
A EBut none of them smell the same
A EAnd some of them will never change
A EWhile some of them are growing strange
A EAnd some of them are center stage
A EWhile some of them go and turn my page
A EAnd summer rain growing pain
A EAnd some are diseased with rage
A EOh, but all of them are aboard my train
A EBut all of them are a friend of mine
B A E A EAnd oh, my darling, can't you see
B A E A EOh that babe, oh and you are a part of me
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