Kevin Morby – Congratulations chords

[Verse 1]
G EmCongratulations, congratulations
Am DYou have survived, oh, you stayed alive
G EmThis life is a killer, but, oh, what a ride
Am DJust to wake up each morning, just to open your eyes
G EmYou got a beautiful body and a beautiful mind
Am DOh, my baby girl, you're one of a kind
[Chorus] They'll say
[Verse 2]
G EmI go down to the station to deliver salutations
Am DTo the travelers with patience, oh, congratulations
G EmAll this coming and going, oh, it just gets old
Am DI want to stay here with you in our beautiful home
G EmAnd count our blessings and count our friends
Am DAnd pray to God it never comes to an end
[Chorus 2] I'll say
GDear God, please forgive me
GDear God, please forgive me
GDear God, please forgive me
G EmCongratulations on your beautiful life
Am DOh, my baby girl, you lived till you died
GAnd they say, congratulations
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