Kevn Kinney – Last Song Of Maddy Hope chords

G CWell the bus pulled in from Chapel Hill
AmAt 9 am my friend
Am DShe was waiting for me at the station desk
G CWell the breezes from the gulf and all the
AmStars that flew at night
Am DWere all the rage on the front page today
G CWell my name is Maddie Hope I'll put your
AmThings inside my trunk
Am DAcross the bridge three miles I'm a-wonderin'
G CWith a stack of notebooks forty high,
AmGuitar no model make
Am DFirst thing inside the front door lay in wait
G CWell she started singing songs there must have
AmBeen a thousand of them
Am DLike commercials for the hate and love in livin'
G CThe postman knocked eight times and then
AmHe walked inside the door
Am DFarewell he said I'll see you in a year
G DWhat was this all about?
G DThis broken little house
G DWith a woman eighty-eight
G DAnd me just half her age
G CWell I don't know what brought me here,
Am DBut I feel I'll never leave
D GWinds, friends and Hope
G CWhen the morning came we shared a breakfast
AmOn a makeshift stage
Am DIn her backyard tonight to be the day
G CWell her bags were packed, her notebooks stacked
AmInside the breezeway door
Am DWell I've lived here since 1944.
G CWell the sun was set inside the twilight
AmI watched the stars grow near
Am DIts time to go their here, their here, their here
G CWell I'm an open minded soul but I think
AmThis lady's kind of odd
Am DJust as all the ships began to land around
G CWell gather round freewheelin stalls
Amof T-Shirts Boots and Jeans
Am DMen and women young and old to hear her sing
G CCome sing with me for you will be the
AmOne to carry on
Am DFarewell my friend I'll see you in a year
G DAnd inside the stars they climbed
G DFor galaxies defined
G DAnd all the things to sing
G DFor paupers and their kings
G CAnd all the trucks and tolls
Am DAnd buried souls will sing along
D GWith Maddie Hope
G CWell the postman knocked eight times
AmAnd left a package by the door
Am DInside were notebooks pens and guitar
G DAnd a little note that read "Till then,
G DAnd Keep on Keepin On"
G DAnd a little note that read "Till then,
G DAnd Keep on Keepin On"
G DAnd a little note that read "Till then,
G DAnd Keep on Keepin On"
G DLove Maddie Hope
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