khai dreams – Fantasy chords


G A D Bm Em7 F#m7 Gm7 A7

[Verse 1]
A7 G F#7 Bm7 Am7 D7And did I ever get to tell you what you meant to me
Gmaj7 F#7 D7 Am7 D7And did you know that you were always like a fantasy
G F#7 B Am7 D7And are you off to see the places that were in your dreams
G F# D7 Am7 D7Yeah will you ever find yourself inside a fantasy
G F# D7 Am7 D7And did you ever find the love in you you found in me
G F#7 BAnd will I ever get the chance to be your fantasy
G F# D7 Am7 D7And will I see you down the road wherever that may be
G F#7 B7Well if I do Ill tell you that you were my fantasy
E7 A7I suppose it's nice to know
E7 A7That there's so much left to go
Bm F#But as seasons start to change
G F#My feelings may start to fade
F CBut I'll never forget
D# AOh the ease you put me in
Bm AOh the sun will start to set
G F#mAs the leaves rise in the wind
F EAnd amidst a sea of red
D# DI'll think of the words you said
Dm AOh and it's hardest in the snow
GWondering which way to go
FThough the spring will come with time
AI have lost this love of mine
DIf it all just ends today
GI think I will be okay
F CBut I'll always wonder if
D# D7This is how it should've been
[Refrain] I'll never know
Gm7I'll never know anything
Em7But wherever
A7You are right now
GI'll carry on
[Outro] G Gmaj7 G Gmaj7 D Dmaj7 Bm7 Bm F#m F#
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