Open Road chords with lyrics by Kiefer Sutherland - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kiefer Sutherland – Open Road chords

E   A    E   A

[Verse 1]
E ABlack road, Georgia trees
E AMidnight moon, just stay with me
E ALike a lighthouse in the sky
E ALet these eighteen wheels fly
B AWoke up this morning in a Motel Five
B AThe day is dawning, I'm gonna drive
E AThrough the night
E ADown that open road
[Verse 2]
E AI asked her where we stood
E AShe said, "Baby, this ain’t no good"
E AYou made the highway your home
E AAnd I'm just tired of livin' alone
B ASo you go your way and I’ll go mine
B AAnd maybe someday you'll find
E AWhat you're looking for
E ADown that open road
F#Well, I've been down this road many times
A F#And Lord, I've tried to find
Some peace of heart, some piece of mind
A BBut this road just winds and winds
[Interlude] E A E A [Verse 3]
F# BThere's a crazy lady with high heeled shoes
F# BShe could take away my homesick blues
F# BLately, I feel a little crazy too
F# BYes I do, ma'am, yes I do
C# BGot a double sleeper, I'm hell on wheels
C# B F# BSo come on sweet thing, show me how your love feels
F# BOn the open road
F# BDown the open road
F# BDown the open road
E B F# BDown the open road
F# BDown the open road
F# BDown the open road
[Instrumental] E B [Bridge]
F#She don’t break down, she don’t run cold
BShe's my heart and soul, she’s my pot of gold
F#She's the white lines when I'm driving blind
B E B F#A hundred more miles and she's right on time
BRight on time
F#Right on time
BRight on time
[Outro] E B F#
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