King Tuff – No Mans Land chords

C Am Em G (2x)

[Verse 1]:
C Am Em GI left home, tears in my eye
C Am Em GWhere I was going, I had no idea
C Am Em GThat must have been the last time I cried
C Am G CFrom that moment forward all my teardrops disappeared
F C G CYeah, I'm going down where there ain't no one around
F C G FAnd nobody knows who I am
C Am Em GThere's no way out, no north, no south
A# F CHere, in no man's land
[Interlude]: C Am Em G (2x) [Verse 2]:
C Am Em GDigging for days but no sign of diamonds
C Am Em GAll that I saw was garbage and worms
C Am Em GAnd a glimpse of the future, the maniac horizon
C Am G CA silhouette, I will dance in the lightning storm
F C G CYeah, I'm going down to the forgotten part of town
F C G FWith roses and rubies in my hands
C Am Em GThe fog rolls in and waltzes with the wind
A# F CHere, in no man's land
[Interlude] [Verse 3]:
C Am Em GThe time finally came to abandon my name
C Am Em GTake a blind-eyed leap into the big-old unknown
C Am Em GSomeday maybe you'll find me like a wild Santa Claus
C Am G CIn a tinfoil hat talking on a disconnected telephone
F C G CBut I got my crown and I got my sacred cow
F C G FI'm a Buddha in the blazing, sinking sand
C Am Em GThe purple skies electrify my eyes
A# F Am C GHere, in no man's land
A# F CTell my neighbor to water my plants
A# F CTell the Devil that I learned how to dance
A# F CTell the Angels to wait up for me
A# FTell the world I'm free
[Verse 4]:
C Am Em GAnd I'm deep in a dream the landscape is empty
C Am Em GExcept for one soul, she's waiting there for me
C Am Em GI fell into her arms, I faintly remember
C Am G CThe sweet song of salvation, the hummingbirds in the trees
F C G CYeah, I'm checking out and I'm riding on a cloud
F C G FBack to where my whole being began
C Am Em GWell, I started to speak in tongues and swing around the sun
A# F CHere, in no man's land
A# F CHere, in no man's land
A# F CHere, in no man's land
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