Kississippi – Dogmas chords

B E C#m  x2

[Verse 1]
B E You were swallowing god damning dogmas
C#mrough palmistry your hands could not align
B E unsexed you borrowed callow spit not lost
C#m B E C#mno looking for a space just not mine
[Chorus 1]
B E C#m Redolent with skin of unknown
B E C#m unwary hands nomadic ghost
B E C#m levied words from my spiteful throat
B E C#m understanding where my thoughts go
B E Byou’d build a boat out of my bones
[Verse 2]
B E I thought I’d reclaim you for the ocean
C#mbut I could not cradle you with dirty hands
B E no star death casketed in palms like these
C#m B E C#mwhite knuckles cracking playing simple maths
[Chorus 2]
B We were squealing
E C#m dogs with bad dreams
B E C#m eyes that smile gaze so dimly
B E C#m isolated nursing skinned knees
B E Bi’m weaker than i thought I'd be
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