Kyshera – Neurons chords


Dm   C   Gm   Gm  x4

[Verse 1]

Dm C GmIt breeds in cattle
Dm C GmLike a fire in a Hospital
Dm C GmIt dreams in illness
Dm C GmAnd multiplies like a Colony
[Verse 2]
Dm C GmA symbol of the question
Dm C GmWe can’t afford to ask ourselves
Dm C GmA digital reflection
Dm C GmOf our unconscious reality
[Verse 3]
Dm C GmIt feeds on virus
Dm C GmAnd prays like a deity
Dm C GmAnd it’s born into cages
Dm C GmWith the inside out
Dm C GmAnd dissipates like religion
Dm C GmThrough the veins of everything
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