K.Zia – Silent Cat chords

Em Bm A A x 4

Em BmYou Gave Me Words
AThat Always Fill Me Up
Em Bm Silently Holding
AHolding Me….
Em BmHope, In My Eyes,
AIt's Only Thickening.
Em Bm Timidly Flowing
AFlowing In Me
G BmNow Oh, Silent Cat
DBring My Tunes
F#mBack To Life
G BmDon't Say A Word,
DDon't You Hide
F#mAway From Me
G BmNa Na Na Na Na Na
F#7 GFill My Self With Glee
Gm* C*And I Feel A River
D*Flowing In My Eyes
[Outro] Em Bm A A x 4
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