La – There She Goes tab

       Riff 1:

e ----3-----5------2-----3------0-----0----0-----0-| B -3-----3-----3------3------3-----3-----3----3----|
Riff 2: (part 1) | (part 2) e --0---h3----3----5----5----3----|-0----h3----3----5 B ------------------------------3 |
| To play the intro, play riff 1 4 times, then move to riff 2, and play it twice, and then repeat part 2 of riff 2 twice. (I hope that's not too confusing) Chords: | G D Am | 320033 XX0232 X02210 G D C9 | There she goes | C C9 | X32010 X32033 G D C9 | There she goes again | | * the little h in the riffs G D C9 | means hammer on Racing through my brain | | Am C And I just can't contain Am This feeling that remains (you get the picture), then: C9 D G She calls my name If you see any mistakes, and want to improve this - then do it! You'd probably expect my signature to contain some humerous or introspective quotation which you could tell all your friends, or discuss with your all-too- philisophical English proferser, or even a stranger you might meet on a flight to Denver or somewhere. You may expect to be briefly entertained after reading whatever it was I have just recently finished posted or saying; you could probably hope that my signature will just make you say "Hey, that sure is a neat signature." You may look under my name to see if I actually have a signature. But I don't.
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