Labelle – Lady Marmalade tab

*since I don't speak French nor Gulla, please excuse my spelling.

Am         D         Am          D
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista

Am         D         Am          D
hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista.

Am                       D
He met Marmalade down in old New Orleans,

Am                        D
struttin her stuff on the street. she said,

Dm                   Em
Hello Joe, you wanna give it a go?

Am                     D      Am                    D
Gitchi, gitchi, ya-ya, da-da. Gitchi, gitchi, ya-ya here.

Am               D      Dm                Am
Mocca chocolata, ya-ya. creole lady Marmalade. she said,

Am                       D    D        Am               D
voules-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir. Voules vous avec moi.

Am                             D
he stayed in her boudoir while she freshened up.

Am                      D
That boy drank all that magnolia wine, on her

Dm                    Em
black satin sheets, I swear he started to freak. when she said,


Instrumental..Am  F  Am  F

E    E    E
Hey, hey, hey...

Am                            D        Am                D
Seeing her skin feeling silky smoothe, color of cafe' au lait, made the

Dm                        Em               E     E     E
savage beast inside roar, until it cried.. More, more, more!

Am                          D        Am                 D
Now he's at home doing nine to five. Living his life of lies.

Dm                                  Em             E     E     E
But when he turns off to sleep, old memories keep. More, more, more!


Creole lady Marmalade
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