Lacrimas Profundere – Sacrificial Lamb Acoustic chords

                   SACRIFICIAL LAMB - Lacrimas Profundere

Em(VII): 7-7-9-9-8-7
G(VII): 7-10-9-7-8-7
B(VII): 7-9-9-8-7-7
D(V): 5-5-7-7-7-5
C(III): 3-3-5-5-5-3
B: 2-2-4-4-4-2

Em(VII)I live under your curse
G(VII) B(VII)And I live eternally damned for you
I'll do whatever I can Just to be with you
Em(VII) D(V)And you take me by the hand
C(III) B(VII)You lead me down like a sacrificial lamb
C(III) I'm begging you please don't bleed me like a fly in a web
BJust consume me
I'll inject your lies in my veins And I suffer in pain for you I will do whatever I can Living a lie with you
E(7)Nightmares never end...
D(5)Nightmares never end...
C(3) [x2 times]Nightmares never end...
BNightmares never end...
Play the first chord UP.
In the [Em(VII)] you can take the 8 up for A moment so it will sound better.(Just listen to the track and you will hear it}
Same thing you cam do when holding [G(VII)]. When going to the 2nd part of the verse[I'll do whatever...] you can use this: (You can hear this in the track too)
This part [Nightmares never end...] the first time play a chord 1 time, the 2nd time plsy it like in the verse. Thanks fou watching!) Pls rate and comment!) P.S. i'm not shure that that [B] chord is really a B, so pls dont laugh about it)
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